Tangso, King

StJMVCC Matches33
Batting HS69
Total Runs454 @20.64
Total Wickets7 @32.00
Best Bowling2/9

Nickname(s): Mr Tangso, Kingo

Favourite Cricketer: James Gray

Football Team: Carlton

The underachiever and specialists 3s player, King has developed a reputation of being a solid No 8 batter. Doesn’t bowl, just likes to hide himself down the order to have a slog at the end of the innings. The ultimate team player, he sacrifices his bowling average to give the likes of J. Gray a go ahead of himself.

Started off his career at St James as a specialist fielder, he still feels that it is his strongest ASSet. Loves to have a fling at the stumps, or umpires, or even players who gets in his way. Makes up 1/4th of the “Great Wall of China” on the field, loves a good sledge that others can’t understand. Loves to talk about sausages with batsmen as they walk up to bat, with a particular emphasis on the big, cheesey kransky variety. Is currently working on this technique called defence, but it doesn’t seem to be working too well for him. Hopefully some success comes along his way soon, otherwise there is a fear of early retirement into lawn bowls or something!

Go Jimmies!

*Player stats current at September 2015, for live stats visit: King Tangso – MyCricket Stats