Thomas, Daniel

StJMVCC Matches80
Batting HS86
Total Runs1284 @19.45
Total Wickets39 @24.08
Best Bowling4/14

Nickname(s): The good DT

Favourite Cricketer: Shane Warne

Football Team: Essendon

With his mix of flight, guile and sharp turn, DT spins his way around the nets with impeccable style and grace, mimicking a young S.K. Warne. Heavily under-bowled in all forms of the game, DT has resigned himself to the fact that his average batting skills will have to suffice in the St James 1st XI, where he proves to be a reasonably useful middle-order batsmen. Although he will continue to hone his craft with a variety of leg-spinning delights, his enthusiasm in the field and over-confidence at the wicket will make him a fixture in all grades of St James for some time to come.

*Player Stats current at September 2015, for live stats visit: Daniel Thomas – MyCricket Stats